About us

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Artificial Intelligence for European Integration (AI4EI) aims to promote a new and original line of study on integration and European governance models with a focus on AI. AI4EI brings together a group of experts in European studies in order to strengthen, implement and extend the NoFear4 Europe Chair (NoFEUr) and conduct multidisciplinary research (social, political, legal, communication sciences) on the impact of AI on the European integration process. The Centre intends to accomplish this through various activities and a broad network of collaborators, starting with the fears aroused by the use of AI in public opinion (technophobia) and then building trust in order to outline how the EU can use new technologies in the future to foster European integration. Therefore, AI4EI strives to develop a theory on the “positive” impact AI will have over the coming years on European policies by elaborating interpretations that are consistent with the history of European integration as well as the EU’s social and political models. In the current state of the art, what is lacking is a multidisciplinary approach to studying the possible socio-political implications and impact of AI on European integration as an instrument of inclusion.
The aim of AI4EI is to broaden the range of action of NoFEUr by extending research and debate beyond the “classic” fears and looking into those arising from the interaction between AI and EI (AI-EInter) and suggesting solutions. The Centre will coordinate research on this topic and offer new training activities, broadening the users’ target; will focus on the debate involving scholars, students and large sectors of civil society; and will provide a collaboration network with other universities and research centres at the national and international level, including: University of Eastern Piedmont (UPO), University of Genoa (UNIGE), Application School of the Italian Army,University Association of European Studies (AUSE), Research Centre on European Integration (CRIE), International Affairs Institute (IAI), Institute for International Policy Studies (ISPI), Observatory on Political and Public Communication (OCPP), Observatoire des discours d'Europe (University of Franche-Comté), Active Citizenship Network, Oxford University.