The culture of AI: everyday life and the digital revolution

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Book presentation
The culture of AI: everyday life and the digital revolution
AI4EI Discussion (AI4EI Lecture): The Viewpoint of the Social Sciences

19th May 8-9,30 AM \ Italian Time zone

6,30-8 PM \ Australia Time Zone

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Anthony Elliott, Dean of External Engagement, Professor of Sociology and Executive Director of the Hawke EU Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and Network at the University of South Australia

In The Culture of AI, Elliott explores how intelligent machines, advanced robotics, accelerating automation, big data and the Internet of Everything impact upon day-to-day life and contemporary societies. With remarkable clarity and insight, Elliott’s examination of the reordering of everyday life highlights the centrality of AI to everything we do – from receiving Amazon recommendations to requesting Uber, and from getting information from virtual personal assistants to talking with chatbots.

Opening welcomes

Umberto Morelli I AI4EI director
Marinella Belluati I Cultures, Political and Society Department -
Mia Caielli I Law Department
Massimo Durante I Law Department
Filippo Barbera I Cultures, Political and Society Department
Filippo Giordano I Ai4Ei team organisation